About Us


Army of One is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations from donors are tax deductible.

Our mission is to search out and promote the foremost effective ways to assist humans and animals. To do this, we have a tendency to analyze analysis on ways of serving to animals so as to produce info concerning interventions and high Charity recommendations. We provide recommendation for effective animal support and supply career, charity, and volunteering suggestions. In addition, we have a tendency to work with alternative organizations to assist them conduct their own analysis.


different Charities to rescue Animals



Hi, my name is Richard and I am the founder of Army of One.

Having supported many Charities for Animal Rescue over many decades I found that a lot of work has to be still done. Supporting and working together with Animal Recovery Missions and VETPAW I made it my mission to form the Army of One. It only takes One person, One Dollar to start to make a difference.

Our Destiny is to Unite
Our Union is our Strength
Join Us, Enlist and Unite

We Army of One are rising from the civil population, operates like an Army. We promise to preserve, confront cruelty and end the atrocities. We analyze and build our missions based on their emergencies and respond quickly. One Dollar is your ammunition to engage the fight. As we grow we will acquire more power together, our large force will accomplish the missions.